People live here, work here, and shop here!

Shop The Neighbourhood 支持本地購物樂

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You can support the local small business by shopping your neighbourhood on November 29th, Saturday.

Why Shop Local?
- Convenience.
- People live here, work here, and shop here.
- Keep your local community vibrant and growth.
- The local shops understand you & the community needs more.
- Be part of your community and support the local small business.
- The owners are your neighbour and friends, or the friends of your friends.
- And much more………

In Chinatown, you will find a variety of activities to gratify your sense of curiosity. Try the many restaurants that offer a variety of Chinese traditional dishes as well as Asian fusion cuisines. Shop the local stores to purchase Chinese cultural ornaments, traditional herbs, locally designed fashions, exotic fruits and vegetables, and so much more. Take a stroll through the neighborhood to witness many of the Chinatown’s historic heritage buildings that date back as far as the late 1800s!

Chinatown has participated in the “Shop The Neighbourhood” Campaign on Nov 29th, 2014. You can look for the deals and shopping in Chinatown.

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Luxe Boutique

Located in the heart of Vancouver's historic Chinatown, we specialize in luxury fur coats, jackets and shawls. Master furrier in the shop. All of our quality items are made in Canada.

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