Happy Holidays!

Amazing Traditional Gifts from Chinatown

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The holiday season is coming up soon and Vancouver Chinatown has a bunch of fun and affordable gift ideas for you and your friends. We will be covering a variety of different gift ideas this week to make sure everyone in your holiday circle gets the perfect gift.

Want to share a piece of culture with your family and friends this holiday season? Check out our great selection of traditional Chinese gifts and enjoy the rich cultural roots of Chinatown right at your own home! We have a huge selection of traditional paintings of the beauty of nature, in watercolor form or embroidered to last in a unique two-sided piece of art.

If you are a connoisseur of fine teas, then a Jingdezhen porcelain tea set may be the gift for you. If held to the light, this classic tea set shines, becoming a bright and beautiful piece of art for your home. There are also other varieties of tea sets, each with their own unique functions and history available in Chinatown, so please check out our many shops in the link below.

Do you want to know how your luck fares this year? Or what is the most compatible zodiac animal for you this year? Check out our rich history of auspicious zodiac animals in the shops of Chinatown the next time you visit. Like our horoscopes, each person is unique and carries different traits associated with their zodiac animal!

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