Celebrating the Year of the Snake in Vancouver Chi

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GONG XI FA CAI! Chinese New Year, known as the spring festival, is the most important celebration in the Chinese community.
On 10th of February 2013, we wave goodbye to the Dragon and welcome in the Year of the Snake! So let’s prepare for the New Year
with the things you will need in Vancouver Chinatown!

1. Guess how many hair salons are in Vancouver Chinatown?
Ans: There are over 20 barber shops / hair & beauty salons in Chinatown.

2. Do you know how to make a red envelope gold fish?
Ans: Come to Vancouver Chinatown for the Window Display. We put up the steps of making the red envelope gold fish at 209 E. Pender Street. You can also find the red envelopes at the tradition Chinese décor stores.

3. Do you know why the traditional Chinese family will not finish eating the whole fish at the New Year Eve dinner?
Ans: The leftover of the “Fish” means a good luck sign that you will be very well off throughout the whole year.

4. Why do Chinese people say “Gong Xi Fa Cai” to each other during Chinese New Year?
Ans: This is a very popular greeting during the Chinese New Year in wishing the others to have a very prosperous and wealthy Chinese New Year.

5. Where can you find the traditional Chinese Candy tray?
Ans: You can find the traditional candy tray at the shops selling the traditional decorations for the Chinese New Year (eg: Fai Chun, Fook slogan as well as the candy tray too) at both 100 & 200 block of Keefer and E. Pender Street. But you need to go to the herbal shop or groceries store to buy the traditional Chinese candy to put into the candy tray. You may wish to put a red envelop as well as mandarins with leaves on the tray too.

6. Do you know the recipe to make the sticky cake?
Ans: Come to Vancouver Chinatown, you can find all kinds of sticky cakes in the Chinatown bakeries. They are happy to tell you the recipe and the 101 in making the sticky cakes. The easiest way is to buy one from them.

7. Why do Chinese people use candies as a gift during CNY?
Ans: Chinese will visit their parents, relatives and friends during the Chinese New Year. Bringing a gift is just like bringing a Christmas present. Candy is the most popular ones since “candy” has the meaning of “sweet”------ you will have a very good start of the year.

8. Do you know when is the Chinese Valentine day?
Ans: The Chinese Valentine day is on the 15th of the 1st month of the Lunar New Year. This year it will be on Feb 24th, 2013 Sunday.

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