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Challenge yourself @the TD Canadian Talent Contest

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Hello Everyone,

This morning, we just had our press conference to announce the TD Canadian Talent Showdown!
Registration is now open!!
This contest is divided into 2 divisions for Youths age 13-20 and Juniors age 5-12.

Why sign-up? It's the most heated summer contest brimming with talents! Youths and children alike are given a most valuable chance to perform in front of a live audience and gain valuable on-stage experience while connecting with the local community. Through the support of their family, friends and fans, these youth can experience their journey of personal growth in the competitive environment of the Talent Showdown!

What's the catch? Contestants MUST sing a Canadian artist song.
So how do you appeal? Bring out your amazing voice to rock the stage, imitate the artist's dance or create your own choreography, rock crowd with your band or instruments, or show off show magic tricks to match your Canadian artist song theme. There are no limitations to the possibilities in your performance. It’s an extraordinary opportunity you can't miss this summer!

All performers are welcome to join as solo or group. Applicants will be contacted for auditions. Registration ends on June 26th (Monday) by 5:00pm. $20 registration fee applies. Application forms can be found in the links below.
Sign up soon!

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